Your First Appointment

First Chiropractic Appointment

Getting Here

Our office is conveniently located in the Chicago Loop and has valet parking available in front of the Wabash Ave entrance. Click here for directions.

Every time you walk into Two Hands we hope you will be happy to be here. We have a comfortable waiting room always stocked with lots of cold water and hot tea, and you can expect to be greeted with a smile. We hope to make our office a place where you can unwind, laugh and, of course, heal. Our staff will strive to make you comfortable and treat you like family.

Getting Started

If this is your first time at Two Hands we will collect from you the necessary information and paperwork. Click here to fill out and submit our new patient intake form online and click here to download our new patient paperwork. Save time by filling out these forms prior to your first appointment.

Once with Dr. Fritsch or Dr. Pan you can expect to have plenty of time to list and detail all of your concerns. Our new patient history is very detailed and we try to identify all areas of your health that could use some improvement. The next step is a thorough examination. It is likely that the doctor will examine your spine, muscles, posture, gait, and any other areas of concern. She may want to request your most recent blood work or imaging. If medically necessary the doctor may order blood work, x-rays, or other testing to be performed prior to your first treatment. When possible we prefer to start treatment on day one. Why allow you suffer another day?

Your first treatment

Once your history, exam and any other needed information or testing has been reviewed, the doctor will give you her opinion on your symptoms and her recommendations for your care. She will detail how the recommended treatments should benefit you, how long it may take, and together you decide which treatment options will be best for you. Once all of this is agreed upon the treatments can begin.

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