What is it?

Acupuncture is a relaxing treatment in which very fine needles are placed along energy meridians to treat a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. Traditional acupuncture originated in China over 2,000 years ago. Many contemporary studies have proven its effectiveness. It is a healing science that treats the patient holistically without separating the body, mind and spirit. Acupuncture focuses on restoring harmony and balance to the person rather than treating the symptom.

How does it work?

An acupuncturist can diagnose an imbalance, and according to the symptoms can decide which acupuncture points to use to reverse the imbalance. In most cases a time tested pattern (is over 2,000 years long enough?) of points is used for each ailment. During the treatment the doctor places very small needles in the skin at these predetermined foci or acupuncture points. The needles are inserted at angles varying from 35-90 degrees from the skin, and 1/8th to 1/2 of an inch typically enters the skin. Initially, these incredibly small needles may cause slight discomfort, but most people do not feel their insertion. The patient then lies calmly for 20 minutes before the needles are removed. Most patients report feeling calm and relaxed, yet aware following their treatment. Most treatments will also include a short-term diet plan and herbal supplementation to restore balance as soon as possible. A long-term imbalance can in itself create more imbalances.

Who benefits from acupuncture?

Adults, athletes, those with heavy emotional burdens, those with high stress, anyone suffering from pain or other ailments.

At Two Hands, we use acupuncture to treat:

Pain, fertility, numbness, anxiety, stress, depression, prescription drug withdrawal, addiction withdrawal, sinus pain and allergies, digestive concerns ( constipation,  bloating, indigestion, acid reflux, heart burn), acne, mood balance, menopause symptoms, fatigue, insomnia, irregular periods, weight and appetite control, asthma, dry eye, tooth pain, ringing in the ears, dizziness, sciatica, colds and flus, wrinkles and complexion (see cosmetic acu section), knee pain, coughs, excessive sweating, symptoms related to pregnancy (fatigue, nausea, pain, swelling, heartburn, induction, etc), carpal tunnel, swelling, etc.

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