Ear Candling & Ear Lavage

Ear Candling

What is it & what does it do?

Ear candling is an ancient therapy. It was used by both the ancient Egyptians and the Native Americans. Ear Candling is a gentle session in which a special candle is inserted into the ear and lit. The hollow candle allows smoke to spiral into the ear canal. Traditionally it is believed that unwanted wax and toxins are pulled from the ear. This session, which includes massage of the neck, head and face, opens the pressures in head and is an extremely calming and sense-awakening experience.

Ear Lavage is a medical technique in which water is pushed into the ear canal forcing out unwanted ear wax which can build up over time.

Who would benefit?

It is very useful for those who have a hard time keeping their ears clean and unclogged. Also for those with: ear pain, ear/head/sinus congestion, face pain, allergies, ear popping, jaw popping, headaches, head colds, sore throat, ear infections, and even dizziness.

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