Yearly Wellness Physicals

Wellness Physicals

What is it?

Recommended yearly, this is your typical yearly physical, but more complete!  Our Wellness Physicals look to find dysfunction before it becomes a disease or causes other problems.  We do the conventional physical exam, which includes an updated health history, blood pressure measurements, height, weight, BMI, pulse measurement, examination of your lungs, heart, abdomen, ears, nose, mouth and throat, reflexes, and blood work.  We make this physical much more complete by examining your muscle strength, muscle tension, spine health, joint mobility, posture, gait, balance, diet, and also stress and energy levels.

How does it work?

A Yearly Wellness Physical works because it pinpoints risk factors that are decaying your health and youthfulness.  Most diseases have warning signs that are present for years before they cause symptoms or even become evident on typical medical tests.  Well, at Two Hands we think that we can do better!  We can find and treat dysfunction before they create problems for you. 

Who would benefit?


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