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What is it?

Yoga is a form of exercise that unites your body with your mind. The word “yoga” is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘union.’ At Two Hands, we believe in treating every person as a whole. Everyday we work to develop our patients’ body awareness, which comes from the union of body and mind. Yoga is one of the many effective ways of doing this. Yoga classes at Two Hands are focused on the union of your mind and body and not on religion.

Yoga is a great way to decrease stress, increase flexibility and strength, and to feel more grounded.

Dr. Shanna Fritsch is registered yoga teacher. She received her certification in Hatha Yoga in 2009. Dr. Shanna has brought yoga to Two Hands because she has seen firsthand the benefit that one can achieve by practicing yoga. Yoga at Two Hands is taught by a number of different teachers, including Dr. Fritsch.

We also offer private and semi-private lessons, please call or email the office for details.

How does it work?

Yoga creates body awareness, promotes relaxation and supports overall health and wellness by combining focused breathing, stretching, twisting, isometric exercises, balance and relaxation technique.

Who benefits from yoga?

We have designed the yoga classes at Two Hands to be accessible to everyone, regardless of religion, age, gender, experience, poor health or injuries. No matter what your goals are (pain relief, flexibility, stress reduction, weight loss, fertility, increased strength, lowered cholesterol, general health and welllness, etc) we believe that yoga can be a integral part of your self-care.

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