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“Dr. Shanna is the most amazing doctor I have ever met! I came to her when I was in the worst physical, mental, and emotional state of my life. It was apparent from my first visit that she was incredibly knowledgeable about every aspect of the human body and how everything a person does on a daily basis impacts ones overall health and well-being. Since my first visit nine months ago, I have seen significant improvements in myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With her caring and holistic treatment approach on my neck, spine and mental health, I have grown TWO INCHES, learned several strategies to manage my physical pain, along with daily stress and anxiety. She has had a major impact on my life and I am more than grateful for the outstanding care she has given me.”

– AnnMarie

“When I first came to Dr. Shanna, I had several chronic and debilitating issues. The main ones were PMS, depression coupled with intense mood swings, and a 10-year nicotine gum addiction. (Before the gum, I smoked a pack a day for about 12 years.)

Before Dr. Shanna, I believed that all of these problems would last a lifetime. I had no expectations of improving them – they were intractable.

My treatment(s) encompassed, but were not limited to, herbal protocols, chiropractic adjustments, and a better understanding of food allergies and changes to my diet.

When I started treatment for depression, Dr. Shanna came to realize that the depression was linked very closely to hormonal imbalances. The hormonal imbalance diagnosis explained why I had so many strange symptoms and pain. At each step in the process, herbs, exercise, diet changes – I felt a little better. Each time I felt improvement, Dr. Shanna would gently encourage me to tackle the next hurdle. For example, after my hormonal imbalance was being helped with an herbal program, Dr. Shanna helped me to understand the harm of nicotine gum addiction. With her help and encouragement, I was able to first, cut down, and then quit completely. This all happened in the space of 1 year, and ½? (not sure of timeline).

The mood swings and depression lessened about 90%. My PMS is almost non-existent, and I no longer chew nicotine gum. Also, I understand how my body works, what certain foods do to my system, and how I can help myself be more in balance.”

– Anne

“My name is Mary.  Three years ago I was fortunate to find Dr. Shanna and her staff at Two Hands Chiropractic.  Prior to seeing Dr. Shanna I was diagnosed with cervical disc degeneration.  The usually protocol was a series of bad physical therapy sessions and pressure to take medication.  When I first started seeing Dr. Shanna I was in severe pain.  Both hands were numb and often the nerve pain was excruciating. I needed to find relief that would not compromise the rest of my body.  Dr. Shanna showed a determination to explore ways for me to become pain free.
After just a few sessions my pain began to subside, and to my surprise I became pain free for longer periods of time.
The competent and professional way in which Dr. Shanna and her staff listened to my concerns and used a creative approach to reduce my pain was just the beginning of the success that I have experienced at Two Hands Chiropractic. Despite a job that includes physical labor ,  Dr. Shanna and her staff have taught me ways to decrease the stress to my neck.
When I was discouraged and losing hope, Dr. Shanna threw me a lifeline that continues to support me in remaining pain free while living a physically demanding lifestyle.
Much gratitude.”

– Mary

“Dr. Shanna does an amazing job. I’ve been to several chiropractors over the years and have never found one to be so effective and easy to work with. I’ve had some ongoing back issues for years that I’ve seen specialists for but never had the patient, thorough assessment that Dr. Shanna provides. Between chiropractic and acupuncture the results have been amazing. Wiping out on my bike set me back a little, but she was able to get me up and riding again in no time! The rest of her staff is a joy to work with and overall the experience is always effective as well as fun.”

– Tim

“LOVE does not even begin to scratch the surface of how I feel about the Two Hands team!!!!

I transferred to Two Hands with a bad taste in my mouth about chiropractic care. My former chiro and his staff were stereotypes of the industry: “You’ll never be able to continue to walk or sleep if I don’t see you ten times every week for the rest of your life!!!” But from the moment I called and spoke to Emily, the office manager, I felt assured that that wasn’t going to be the case here; it most certainly wasn’t.

These women truly care about the overall well-being of every patient. Aja and Patti, the massage magicians, find and focus on areas that I wasn’t even aware were/are problematic and Dr. Shanna (Fritsch) completes my care by putting everything back into alignment through an adjustment and acupuncture.

Now when I say “overall well-being,” I literally mean “OVERALL.” Dr. Shanna is also a specialist in nutrition and Eastern Medicine. I had a cancer scare during the Summer of 2010 and Dr. Shanna helped me round out my care, doing tons of research before meeting with me so that she would have the best plan possible.

The energy in the office is warm, vibrant, and friendly. I cannot imagine going anywhere else.”

– James

“Two Hands have cared for me for 2+ years with an holistic approach to my health and well being that has far exceeded my expectations. Massage therapy treatments, acupuncture, chiropractic care and allergy blood testing – I’ve experiences a wide range of care – always professional, always educational.

I am more self aware of my health, of my body and of how I can take control of my long term health.

Simply put – Two Hands & Dr.Shanna have fundamentally changed my health & my life. Thank you, sincerely!”

– David

“I first went to Dr. Shanna for fertility issues and have since seen her for back pain and other issues.  She is great – very professional and approachable.  She treats the whole person, not just the symptoms, and asks lots of questions to figure out what is really going on with your body.  She was patient with all my questions and explained how the female body works in ways I had never heard before.  She also was very interested and supportive of combining acupuncture with my Western medicine fertility treatments.  After 12 weeks of treatment with Dr. Shanna when I was 39 years old, my endocrinologist said that my body reacted to the fertility treatment as well as a 23 year old woman!   I highly recommend her for fertility treatment and other ailments.”

– Monica

“Dr. Shanna keeps me feeling the best that I can feel given all my mysterious health issues (RA? or what!?) . The staff at Two Hands is the best and they clearly love what they do ~ if you need your spine adjusted or have any chronic pain issues or or or ….oh I think they cover it all. Just go! You’ll feel better, I promise.”

– Lori

“I am an acupuncture veteran, so when I moved to Chicago and started feeling really stressed, I sought a place to resume my treatment. Many of the acupuncturists I’ve been to have wanted me to come in 4x/week, but I see Dr. Shanna weekly and am doing better. I honestly don’t know where my stress would be if it wasn’t for her help.

Acupuncture is great- I can feel myself unclench when the needle goes into the top of my head (acupuncture needles are so thin, I almost never feel them apart from the anti-stress ones I get in my ear). I have dozed off on those massage tables many times. Dr. S also has helped me to discover the wonders of probiotics (good digestion = good health), and gave me supplements for adrenal support when my stress exhaustion got overwhelming.

I love that they always have tea bags and cups ready so I can have a cup of tea in the waiting room, and the Chinese medicinal teas (Life Rising) she stocks are great. I can’t find anything comparable elsewhere. She also has an eye for good skincare- the Liliflora products are great! Dr. S is ordering me an eye cream.

It’s nice to have an acupuncturist whose office is centrally located and who I can communicate with well (I love seeing doctors from China, but sometimes the language barrier can be a problem.)”

– Jane

“If anything ails you, go see Dr. Shanna. Acupuncture does NOT hurt (at least not with Dr. Shanna, I’ve never had it anywhere else). My acupuncture sessions at Two Hands were soooooo relaxing and EFFECTIVE. Dr. Shanna is a great doctor and has a great personality.

The first time I went to Two Hands, I had been told by 4 or 5 MDs (including specialists) that they couldn’t figure out how to help me get well. Dr. Shanna had me feeling better than I even hoped for (or could have imagined I could feel) after four sessions of acupuncture. I live in DeKalb, and it’s absolutely worth the trip. That’s an understatement. I cannot recommend this place enough.”

– Kara

“Dr Shanna is not only knowledgeable, but she has the best bedside manner. She makes you feel comfortable, she explains everything that she’s doing during your visit and everything she recommends you do outside of the office.

I’ve come to Dr Shanna quite a few times for quite a few reasons, and I always leave knowing I made the right choice. I went to her originally 2.5 years ago for acupuncture to quit smoking, and I’m happy to report that because of her (and a little bit of willpower 🙂 I’ve been smoke-free ever since.”

– Terri

“Dr. Shanna has a healing gift and I am so thankful to have found her. Upon moving to Chicago, I didn’t know who to trust. I was looking for someone who offered cupping which helps my back. I was surprised to have found a doctor who treats the whole person. I wasn’t expecting to find relief and help for all the other issues I had been experiencing that stumped my doctors and their specialist.

Dr. Shanna did a complete history with me. She is very detail oriented and explains everything. They work with you to make a treatment plan and she explains everything. Don’t hesitate to ask if something sounds strange or you don’t understand. She gets it!

It is also apparent that Dr. Shanna is selective about her staff. Everyone is super caring and professional from the moment you enter to check out. The office is very calming and a center for healing.

I’ve recommend several people including my husband, who is now her patient.

Don’t hesitate to call Two Hands.”

– Debbie

“All I can say is that Dr. Shanna Fritsch has helped me with my pain in a way that my physician of many years has not been able to do. She is very thorough in her assessment of your particular condition and takes the time to research solutions to your health issue before beginning any treatments. Dr. Shanna’s staff members are very professional and do their best to make you feel comfortable. I have recommended several friends and co-workers to her practice and haven’t heard a complaint yet. She is definitely not the stereotypical chiropractor that is just about making a profit. Dr. Shanna truly cares about your overall health and well-being.”

– Jewel

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